tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2009

In english...

Been so busy that havent had time to write this blog in english. Heres something what has happened.

Karma had 3 trials on tracking in autumn. Trials went good and she rised to 3-class, what is the highest. She also got first 1-price on 3-class, what means that its the first of three that makes her tracking champion in future.

Karma has also competed in agility. First was Vaasa, she had 5 faults and 0. Then Oulu, 15 and 0. Then Kemi; first one failed, second was 15, then 5 and again failed. In oulu last weekend we failed first one, then 5 and at last 0. Videos of last two competitions are here: 5 faults and 0 faults.

We kept one of Karmas puppies and he is called Mana. He is very social, really active and loves to play. Only problem is that he doesn't have balls...

We also got nice video one of Karmas puppy. Tikki lives with Niina and Joona in Kaustinen and heres training video of Tikki, age 5 months.